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Join the growing number of West Australians who enjoy the comfort, convenience & efficiency of heating and cooling their homes with reverse cycle air conditioning. Not sure what system would be best or what size unit you need? We can design & quote from your plans or arrange a visit to your home or business site. Our experience will ensure you get the right unit for your needs. Contact us for obligation-free friendly quote.

Wall Mounted Split System
Ideally installed high on an external wall which allows for the pipe work and drainage to exit through the wall behind the unit and connected to the outdoor unit either directly below at ground level or bracketed high on the wall. Standard installation is with the outdoor unit directly behind the indoor unit location; alternatively the outdoor unit may be installed within approximately 30m from indoor unit.

Ceiling Cassette Split System
Indoor unit fits neatly into the ceiling with a fascia allowing return air through the centre of the unit and distributing supply air via four slotted louvers. Louvers allow air to be directed four ways in either a pre-set or sweep pattern. Installed into the ceiling, an external wall location is not required. Suitable for commercial situations as it can efficiently condition a large area. Outdoor unit may be installed within approximately 30m from indoor unit either at ground level or on brackets on an outside wall.

Ducted Split System
One indoor unit and one outdoor unit, with the indoor unit mounted concealed in the ceiling space. Ducting is attached to deliver air to individual rooms and diffusers. Air returns to the indoor units via a return air grille mounted in the ceiling with easy access for cleaning the filter. Ductwork allows flexibility to suit any home or building layout. Day and night zones may be added to allow a choice of rooms for day living areas and night time zones.

Multi Split System
One outdoor unit connected to more than one indoor unit with various options and combinations available using wall mounted indoor units and ceiling cassettes.

Servicing & Repairs
Regular servicing can prolong the lifespan of your air conditioning system and ensure optimum efficiency & economy. If you regularly clean your return air filter your domestic system should need only an annual check-up. Call us to book your next service.

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